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Device Naming

NOTE: For Kibosh Router, or Pulse owners only.

Kibosh works with devices, and part of easily managing the devices connected to your Kibosh device is tagging them with a friendly name. Thus they will be easily seen in the web usage logs, and when applying rules (like time scheduling).

NOTE: If you have just setup your Kibosh Router, please wait about an hour for your MyFilter Dashboard to recognize all the devices on your network. A good rule of thumb - when your router is showing online in Web Filter > Status then it's good to Name Devices.

How to assign a friendly name to a device:

1) Go to Manage Device > Device Naming
2) Select from Currently Connected Hosts > choose the device you want to tag.
3) Enter a friendly name like 'son kindle', etc.

NOTE: Each device will have an IP address associated with it. The Device Naming interface will automatically assign the next available IP, or you can change it to something you want.

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