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The Kibosh Router and Kibosh Cloud Pulse will check-in each hour if they are connected to a working Internet connection.

Online status will tell you:

   1) Your network has a working Internet.
   2) That network is protected.
   3) Your web filter settings are be
ing applied correctly.

these devices check-in once per hour so it will show Offline for an hour after initial setup.

What to do if your Status is Offlinereboot the device, and wait about 15 minutes and refresh your MyFilter status page.

Kibosh VPN Monitor: your device will check-in every 15 - 30 minutes with the following information:

   1) Device Name: this is usually the Kibosh ID.
   2) Last Seen: Day / Date / Hour.
   3) Location: the Lat and Long of the device at time of checking. Hyperlinked to Google maps.
   4) Status: Protected = the VPN is up and the Internet is being filtered, and Unprotected = the VPN is off and the Internet is not protected.

What to do if Kibosh iOS status data is old: have the user bring the Kibosh VPN Monitor app into focus on the iOS device. What's happening is the app is timing out.


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