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YouTube SafeMode: enable or disable. This setting takes between 3 - 12 hours to take affect.

NOTE: You can confirm SafeMode is disabled / enabled by going to, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and there you will see the SafeMode option. When YouTube SafeMode is enabled you cannot turn SafeMode off.

NOTE: The Kibosh flter enforces SafeMode, Google decides what videos fall under the SafeMode umbrella.

SafeSearch Only Mode: enable or disable. This option will block access to all non-SafeSearch enforced search engines. Kibosh SafeSearch enforced search engines:,,,,,,,

NOTE: If you use FireFox you'll need to change the default search engine from Yahoo to Google, Bing or

Block Ads: this will enable robust ad blocking on your account. Kibosh ad blocking can be used in conjunction with other ad blockers without issue.

NOTE: Any website inĀ  your whitelist will bypass ad blocking.

Activity Logs: if you would like to receive a daily Internet activity report enable this option, and you will receive this report in your email daily.

NOTE: Please allow 24 - 48 hours for the reports to start showing up in your email.


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