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Here you can block entire categories of websites by simply checking the corresponding box. For example, if you want to block access to websites about bodypiercing put a check in the box next to 'bodypiercing':


To unblock the category simplyuncheck the box, then Save Categories.


WARNING!! Blocking a lot of categories at one time is the number one reason why your Internet might be slow using Kibosh. So if you starting having issues with either A) slowness, or B) inability to access websites - uncheck your categories. The bad stuff is already blocked, and blocking categories is only suplemental to the default filtering service.

NOTE: we recommend the following categories remain blocked at all times:

     > searchengines
     > lingerie_sextoys

Blocking these will not imact your Interent speed.

NOTE: To see what websites are in each category you can search the database here.

Categories of Internet content that can be blocked by the Kibosh Cloud Filter:

abortion - Abortion information excluding when related to religion.
ads - Advert servers and banned URLs.
alcohol - Sites of breweries, wineries and distilleries.
artnudes - Art sites containing artistic nudity.
blog - Journal, diary, private websites.
body piercing - sites that deal with tattoos and body modification.
Kibosh Security Pack (these category's are blocked by default):
-> Anonymous VPN: VPN services based on helping others hide their tracks, does not affect corporate VPNs.
-> Phishing: Sites attempting to trick people into giving out private information.
-> Pornography: Sites about all kinds of hardcore sexual content.
-> Web Proxy: Sites with proxies to bypass filters.
-> Malware: Sites who run or have malware/spyware or cryptolocker software to download.
chat - Sites with chat rooms, messenger client downloads, and web-based messaging sites.
contraception - Information about contraception.
dating - Sites about dating.
drugs - Pharmaceutical sales, marijuana, etc.
entertainment - Sites that promote movies, books, magazine, crude humor.
filehosting - Sites to do with file-hosting and sharing.
gambling - Gambling sites including stocks and shares.
hacking - Hacking, cracking information.
imagehosting - Sites specialized on hosting images, photo-galleries and so on.
instantmessaging - Sites that contain messenger client download and web-based messaging sites.
jobsearch - Sites for finding jobs.
lingerie - Sites selling and presenting sexy lingerie or lingerie in a sexy manner.
medical - Medical websites.
models - Model agency, model and supermodel fan pages and other model sites presenting model photos.
naturism - Sites that contain nude pictures and, or promote a nude lifestyle.
onlinegames - Online gaming sites.
search engines - Sites that facilitate searching the web for content that do not have safesearch enforced.
sexuality - Sites dedicated to sexuality, possibly including adult material but excluding educational material.
socialnetworking - Social networking websites.
webvideo - Collection of site offering TV streams via world wide web.

Our Categories are developed in-house using propriatary technology covering billions of websites giving you granular control over which sites can be accessed by users on your network.

TIP: You can block an entire category of Internet content, but allow related sites by adding them to your whitelist. For example, you can block the social networking category which will block access to However if you add to your whitelist you will be able to access while all other social networking sites remain blocked.


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