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To block access to a website for everyone on your network simply put the domain portion of the site into your blacklist.

How to block access to a website:

Let's say you want to block access to

1) Simply enter '' and click Add, then Save Filters. In 5-10 minutes the site will be blocked.

TIP: Wildcards are accepted. Example: entering will block the website, however some websites use multiple sub-domains, like To ensure all domains at are blocked, enter and * into your blacklist.

TIP: Some of the larger websites use multiple domains, hidden behind the primary domain, to host their websites. Let's say you wanted to block - you would need to enter, *,, * into your blacklist. You find the hidden domains by using ping (ping, ping

NOTE: The following websites cannot be blocked here:,,,,,,,,, because they are already being filitered (SafeSearch enforced) so they must be blocked at the router level. All routers offer a simple domain blocking / parental control option. This is where you can block these sites, or if you have a Kibosh Router use Domain Blocking.


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